The 4th Spartan Startup Career Fair

September 7, 2016

The Spartan Startup Career Fair specializes in connecting students with Michigan startup companies. Startups may be a small team of 3 dedicated professionals, or a large-scale team with experience in the entrepreneurial world. StartUps tend to be more nimble, work on a fast timeline, and need creative, flexible, independent problem-solvers to help make their business a success. This event has been made possible through the partnership between Spartan Innovations and the MSU Career Services. Held at the Spartan Stadium Office Tower, 4th floor, in conjunction with the MSU Earn, Learn and Intern career fair.

Company Application

Welcome to the Spartan Startup Career Fair! We’re excited to help connect you with remarkable Spartans looking to lend a hand and learn. Please fill out a company application and submit the application fee. Thanks for joining the StartUp community, participating in this event, and for leading the way for students to follow your example.


Who is this for? Can I hire or get hired?

This is an event for students and startup companies. Small startup companies are hiring for a variety of positions: Graphic designers, programmers, researchers, social media specialists. Plan to spend the afternoon networking, learning about startups, and talking about possible positions.

What kinds of companies are coming?

The Spartan Startup Career Fair is exclusive to startup companies only. Companies are based within the state of Michigan and must be a startup company. The host (Spartan Innovations) is dedicated to creating events and experiences that provide support and educational opportunities for students and the Michigan startup community.

What is a startup? Will I get paid?

Startups are newly-founded companies that are looking to revolutionize their industry. They are created by some of the brightest and most creative fun loving people that you will ever meet. These are the types of people that didn’t take no for an answer. There are a wide range of positions from paid internships to even full time openings to join their team.

Do I have to pay or apply to attend as a student?

Nope, it’s entirely free! This event is all about growing awareness and providing opportunities for students to know and work in the strong startups and local companies they might not have known about before the event. Bring your resume and a positive attitude and you just might walk out with a great new job.

Do I have to pay or apply to promote as a company?

Yes, see the application page to apply through the MSU Career Services registration site. Pay a small fee, and you will receive a 2.5 foot wide cocktail table as your promotional table. The Spartan Startup Career Fair is held in conjunction with the MSU Earn, Learn, Intern Career Fair, which is open to only local companies as well as large corporations. The Spartan Startup Career Fair will have it’s own section, denoting that it is for startups and innovators only, which includes startups from anywhere in the state of Michigan.

Do I have to fill out the application?

Fill out the company application only if you are part of a startup company or interested in getting a booth.

What should I wear?

No shirt, no service. Don’t worry about suiting up: Just look professional and comfortably wear your confidence. These companies are looking for you just as much as you are looking for them.

Should I bring resumes?

A resume would definitely improve the quality of your meetings with these companies. Distributing resumes to startups that sound appealing gives companies a way to contact you later.

Where is this event?

This event is held at the Spartan Stadium Office Tower, 4th floor, East Lansing. The Startup Career Fair is located with the Earn, Learn, Intern Career Fair.


Wednesday, September 7 

Location: Spartan Stadium Office Tower, 4th floor

2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Student Networking & Career Fair

Companies from a variety of industries will be ready to talk projects and jobs. Network with peers and companies throughout the afternoon, and leave with great leads.

Get in touch

Whether you have questions about getting involved or just want some more information, reach out and we will gladly get back to you!


Spartan Innovations, 325 E. Grand River Ave., Suite 355, East Lansing, MI

Tel: (1) 617 884 4548